Advent Talent Group’s Equity Statement

Advent Talent Group believes in the value and power of equity, diversity, inclusion, antiracism, and anti-discrimination. We cherish diversity of thought, perspective, and experience and we recognize the beauty in equity, individualism, and belonging. Furthermore, we believe that activating these values across our organization is the right thing to do for our business, our employees, our community, and our world.

Advent Talent Group defines anti-racism and anti-discrimination as the policy or practice of proactively opposing racism and discrimination and promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. As an anti-racism and anti-discrimination organization, we will purposefully identify, discuss, and challenge issues of equity, diversity, inclusion and racism and the impacts they have on our organization, internal and external partners, and the greater community.

Advent Talent Group is committed to advancing policies, practices, and a workplace culture that honors the inherent worth of all people. We expect everyone to uphold this commitment and to engage with others according to these values.

At Advent Talent Group, we will hold ourselves and each other responsible for creating an environment where all employees, candidates, clients, partners, and friends of every gender identity, race, color, sexual orientation, language, national origin, religion, disability, and age; and the expressions of their identities, are embraced, respected, and valued.

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