Client Success Story: Four Month Opening Filled in Five Days

Advent, We Have a Problem

One of our newest clients is a B2B educational software company headquartered in Minneapolis. They are a small, growing company making a big splash in the education space. While they typically rely on their internal HR team to hire new employees, they were having no luck finding a contractor to cover a leave for their digital marketing manager.

Two Rejections, One Bad Fit, and a Ghost

The company’s HR Director was traveling for work in California when she reached out with an urgent request for Advent Creative. Their Marketing Manager was scheduled to be out on medical leave in two weeks and they still had not found a suitable temporary replacement.

As the company’s “one-person marketing department”, the marketing manager operated in a critical role for their company. And, after months of searching, they were understandably frantic about not having a replacement lined up.

In four months, they had reviewed countless resumes and conducted hours of screenings and interviews. However, the two offers they made were rejected and the staffing service they tried sent a contractor who wasn’t a fit. To add insult to injury, that same staffing firm then simply stopped returning their calls and emails.

In short, they needed a qualified digital marketing manager immediately.

A Four Month Problem Solved in Five Days

Advent Creative stepped in to help right away. Within 24 hours of a quick intake meeting with the client, our team submitted three qualified candidates for consideration. Phone screens were scheduled with the client for the following day and second interviews were scheduled that same week. Portfolios, writing samples and references were quickly submitted and candidates met with the Marketing Manager and the Chief Product Officer.

Within the week an offer was made and accepted. And just like that, a position that had been open for four months was filled in five business days.

Candidate’s Success Leads to New Hire

Our candidate started immediately and quickly became an integral part of the team. After the first week, the direct manager’s feedback was, “Wow! He has great energy. He jumped right in and is a good fit for the team.”

As a result of our candidate’s success, he was offered and accepted a permanent position with the company. He now works directly with the Marketing Manager, who is thrilled to no longer be a “one-person marketing department”!

Just prior to making an offer of employment, the Director of HR had this to say about our candidate:

“He picks things up quickly about our company, product, and market. He is quick to offer to help where necessary, is collaborative and fits well into our team and company culture and owns projects without the need for oversight. For someone who jumped into our team and company, these are great attributes.

We have not seen any downsides so far, and frankly, he’s running with projects more autonomously than we would have guessed, which is awesome. Thank you again for delivering such a great talent in a very short time frame!”

Advent Creative Can Help Your Team Too 

Advent Creative consistently cuts hiring time by 50% or more for our clients.

If you are struggling right now to fill an opening, Advent can help! Having a critical position sit open for months is costly and stressful. Worse, it can damage your company’s profitability and brand reputation, and your employee’s productivity and morale.

A few examples of Advent Creative’s most recent placements include:

  • Director of Marketing for $30M local IT Consulting Firm
  • Content Management for Major Non-Profit
  • Digital Marketing Strategist for Local Insurance Broker
  • Graphic Designer for Marketing Agency
  • Lead Generation Specialist for IT Securities Company
  • Creative Producer for National Non-Profit

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