Katy Smith, Creative Division Director

Katy Smith, Recruiting Manager for Advent Creative Group

Katy Smith is the Division Director for our creative, marketing and digital division, Advent Creative Group. Prior to working for Advent Creative, Katy led staffing and recruitment solutions for big box retailers, as well as locally-owned businesses in the fashion industry.

Katy measures her success by the success of her clients and talent, ensuring complimentary matches of both culture and skills to elevate overarching business goals. Her favorite part of her role is being able to positively impact someone’s life every day.

Katy is wildly passionate about helping others professionally and personally. As co-founder of a jewelry line called Painted Clasp, she designs and donates inspirational jewelry to individuals undergoing cancer treatment at local hospitals. Katy loves spending time with her family, including her husband, their two small children, and their pups, GiGi and Toby.

Position: Creative Division DirectorDepartment: Advent CreativeEmail: [email protected]Phone: 952-756-5668