Advent Insights on AI and The Human Impact | Panel Discussion Hosted by HREF

Grpahic with a photo of the two speakers from the video

Welcome to Advent Insights where we share bite-sized best practices and key takeaways on hiring, organizational development, and leadership. In this episode, Mary Younggren (she/her/hers) and Michelle O’Kelley, CSP share their insights from a recent HR Executive Forum event, AI and The Human Impact where expert panelists Anjali Arora, Angie Freeman, Kristin Gaarder, SPHR, Arun Rajan how to approach AI usage in the workplace responsibly.

Key takeaways included:

1. Human oversight and ethical considerations are paramount when implementing AI solutions. While AI can automate many tasks, it requires human guidance to uphold ethical standards and integrity.

  • Establishing a cross-functional AI council can help organizations address ethical challenges and drive responsible adoption.

2. Modern AI is user-friendly and accessible, no longer requiring extensive coding knowledge. This allows more users to leverage AI’s capabilities through simple requests, broadening its potential impact across teams and departments.

3. It’s important to embrace AI as an augmentation to human efforts rather than a replacement. When integrated thoughtfully, AI can enhance workplace productivity and creativity however, some employees may feel reluctant to admit they are using AI to complete work tasks.

  • Encouraging employees to utilize AI and celebrating its adoption can help propel a positive cultural shift.

4. Lastly, as organizations embrace AI, developing solid guiding principles and upskilling teams is essential. Tools like Beautiful.AI, GUIDDE, Serenity GPT, and Moveworks can support educating employees and facilitating seamless AI integration.

Striking the right balance is key – harnessing AI’s transformative potential while prioritizing ethical oversight, accessibility, and continuous improvement. Our team is currently exploring a principled approach to responsible AI adoption. How about yours? We’d love to hear from other teams and organizations navigating the AI movement!

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