How Advent Staffed 40 Helpline Representatives in 48 Hours for Non-Profit Client

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Housing Helpline Needed in Response to Covid-19 Impact

When the economic impact of COVID-19 worsened the housing crisis in the Twin Cities region in 2020, our long-term non-profit partner reached out to us for help. They needed to quickly scale up their housing resource helpline with a team of qualified, temporary employees.

This resource helpline is available 24/7 and in 100+ languages – staffed by certified community resource specialists who are trained to provide referrals to resources and services, including housing, food, childcare, education, and employment. Specialists leverage 40,000+ statewide resources, address 52 urgent needs every hour and provide approximately 460,000 referrals per year.

A total of 40 helpline specialists needed to be employed quickly, over three different shifts, with an emphasis on bilingual candidates. Advent Talent Group got to work immediately!

Staffing 40 Helpline Representatives in 48 Hours

Within minutes of the request, Advent had reached out to hundreds of potential candidates, leveraging our deep candidate network, community partnerships, and other key referral resources. Our team was fielding responses and screening candidates within the hour.

In 48 hours, our team had filled 32 of the 40 openings and reached 100% fulfillment within a matter of days. Our recruiting team screened hundreds of applicants, ensuring that each individual presented for consideration met the required qualifications.

For almost 2.5 years since, we’ve continued to help this project grow and remain staffed at full capacity, placing more than 65 customer service representatives for the initiative.

Speed & Flexibility: Critical for Non-Profits Responding to Crisis

For non-profit organizations, speed and flexibility are especially crucial for maximizing the impact of key initiatives; turning funding and support into the delivery of services as quickly as possible. Because of the speed that Advent staffed this project, our client was able to focus on other important aspects, such as preparing onboarding and training for the new hires and managing technical logistics associated with a large work-from-home initiative.

Most importantly though, this quick response time enabled individuals and families across Minnesota to receive critical and timely resources from this organization during a period of crisis and uncertainty.

Temporary staffing also provided the flexibility to modify this initiative in response to the community’s fluctuating needs and the availability of funding and support. Advent has collaborated closely with our client over the past year, adjusting staffing levels up and down for the project accordingly.

Our team is proud to have assisted our non-profit partner with the successful delivery of this important community service.

Your incredible work in finding willing, capable, and motivated talent has made it possible for us to handle over 275,000 calls since last April—and we’re not done yet!”
– Director of HR

About Our Client

For more than 100 years, this organization has met and responded to changing needs in the greater Twin Cities, helping to ensure a better future for all. This large non-profit strengthens, supports, and maximizes the collective impact of the nonprofit sector by connecting leaders, training teams, and providing grants and technical assistance.

Advent Talent Group has maintained a long, successful partnership with this Twin Cities organization for more than 10 years.

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