Black History Month: A Message from President & Owner Mary Younggren

The events of 2020 and 2021 launched a movement toward racial consciousness across the nation, raising awareness of the widespread issues of injustice and racism impacting Black Americans today. As we commemorate Black History Month in 2022, we at Advent are taking a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come ­and how much farther we have yet to go.

As a staffing agency with a unique responsibility to promote equity in the workplace, we recognize the need for DEI&B to take part in everything that we do. To this end, we continue to implement various strategies to promote awareness and education among our internal staff, including working with Anika Ward, Founder of Sankofa Leadership Network, to promote internal discussions and improvements as well as share additional resources. Externally, we continue to ensure the use of inclusive language in our job descriptions, support minority-owned vendors for our business functions, support external organizations that promote DEI&B efforts, and amplify the voices of others through sharing these organizations with our audiences.

In addition to continuing our internal education, our goal this year is to bring our internal efforts to our broader employee groups, turning to our first core value of “Make a Difference” by renewing our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging, anti-racism and anti-discrimination in everything we do. This includes promoting a culture of authenticity through continuous feedback, listening, employee appreciation, and team building as well as developing actions to achieve our internal and external goals while embracing our differences.

Thank you to the Advent team for their continued commitment to our organization’s DEI&B goals. I look forward to a year of positive change.

Mary Younggren
Owner & President
Advent Talent Group