#AskARecruiter: Job Hunting FAQ’s

We asked our Senior Recruiter some common questions about job searching so you don’t have to! Here’s what he said–watch the video or read the summary below:

Q: What are 3 tips for interviewing?

Some things to keep in mind are:

  1. Always go in looking presentable–first impressions matter!
  2. Know background information on job and the company
  3. Learn what skills are needed for the position and which of these you have

Q: Is looking for jobs in December worth it?

Yes! Here’s why:
  1. Many industries are busy around the holiday season and need additional staff
  2. Many companies will have initiatives starting in January and will hire for these in December

Q: What are some questions to ask you Recruiter or Hiring Manager?

Some good questions are:
  1. What type of job it is (i.e. permanent, contract, or contract-to-hire)
  2. What skills are pertinent to this job
  3. Will the role be on site, remote or hybrid?