Job Search During Covid-19: How to Ace the Phone Interview

Phone interviews are more important now than ever. Job searching during the Covid-19 outbreak means you may go through several rounds of phone and video interviews, accept a job, and begin onboarding all without setting foot outside your home. A phone interview is an important first connection with a potential employer and often sets the tone for the interviewing process.

Here are four quick tips for nailing the phone interview:

Keep Your Notes Handy

Have your resume, cover letter, and a few notes on hand during the call for easy access to important dates, projects, and key results that support your qualifications for the role. Use these notes like a cheat sheet for your interview. You can even write down your answers to common interview questions. Don’t read your answers aloud word for word – this will sound rehearsed and impersonal. Your information should be available at a quick glance if you get stuck or lose focus.

Triple Check Your Technology

Make sure you take the call in a spot where you know you get good service. You don’t want to get stuck apologizing for cutting out or asking the interviewer to repeat themselves multiple times. Using headphones can make the call feel a little more personal, especially if you tend to talk with your hands. Don’t use the interview to test out those brand new headphones though. We recommend calling a friend ahead of the interview to be sure you the sound quality is optimal.  

Bring Your A-Game

Keep your background environment quiet and stay upbeat and positive throughout the call. Some people say smiling during a call helps and others like to remain standing for their call. Do whatever works best for you but remain focused and engaged during the call. Bring your A-game, using the same level of professionalism you would for an in-person interview. 

Follow-Up With a Thank You 

If you remain interested in the position after the call, take a few minutes to send a brief email or LinkedIn note saying so. You’ll stand out from the other applicants and may even increase the likelihood of moving on to the next round. In your message, thank the interviewer for their time and confirm your interest in the opportunity. You may also reiterate a couple of your key qualifications but keep the message short and congenial.

With these things in mind, you’ll be able to ace your next phone interview! For more job search and interview tips check out the Career Tips page on our blog.

Complimentary Consultations During Covid-19

Advent is currently providing complimentary resume and job search advice to those whose employment has been impacted by Covid-19. Please contact us at (952) 920-9119 if you would like to consult with one of our experienced recruiters.