At Home With Advent Talent Group

The Advent Talent Group team has been working from home since mid-March and we thought we’d share a little about our personal experiences, including what we’ve learned so far. We asked everyone to share their best WFH advice, along with what has been challenging and what has been great about working from home during the pandemic.

laptop and window MINNEAPOLIS 

“My work from home advice, says Rachel, is to make a daily list of goals that you need to accomplish and to stay focused on those. Take breaks; get up and stretch or move for 5 minutes. I do short yoga flows to get some blood moving.

The hardest part of working from home for me was the initial adjustment of having my workspace and home be the same and not being around the team in-person every day.

The best part is the fresh air that I get from sitting next to my window and having all my plants around me. And, of course, the comfy clothes I can wear.”



“My work from home advice, says Katy, is to have a regular routine in the morning. Set your alarm, get up, get dressed and grab your favorite power lipstick! Also – try to have something you are working on that is completely unrelated to work; whether it’s a hobby, a project or a cause. Something that brings you joy and fulfillment. Schedule the time to do that as well.

The hardest part of working from home for me is balancing kids, noise and schedules…and wondering if my internet is going to hold out long enough for the next zoom meeting.

The best part is being able to step away, walk outside and recharge.”



“My work from home advice, says Sue, is to get up and do what you normally do before going to work each day. That way when you sit down to work it seems as normal as can be. Also, set up a good workstation so you are comfortable and productive.

The hardest part of working from home for me is forcing myself to get up and take a break or to stop work at the end of the day.

The best part is not having a commute. I get two additional hours in my day!”



“My work from home advice, says Mary, is to establish an intentional connection with people outside of my immediate family and work circle. Because I am a “raging extrovert,” working remotely can feel isolating for me. Having scheduled times to see family and friends via video has been restorative.

The hardest part of working from home for me is the same as what’s hard about working at the office. Overscheduling myself and setting unrealistic expectations for what I can do in one day have followed me home! Back-to-back video meetings can be exhausting and looking at a screen to connect with people does not meet my extroverted need to give hugs!

The best part is watching and identifying the birds. I have downloaded a new app (Merlin) that is an amazing “birding” tool. Who knew we had all these bird species in our own backyard? Also, the ability to see my many plants grow and bloom has been a lovely experience. This time of “going within” has been peaceful and contemplative for me.”



“My work from home advice, says Michelle, is to allow yourself to get up from your computer!  Walk away from your screen, put on your favorite tune and dance like no one is watching…because no one IS watching.

The hardest part of working from home for me is that communication can be challenging when it’s via email and IM.

The best part is that now when I take a break, I make myself complete, a task, a chore, etc. that I would ordinarily do when I returned home from work. It could be prepping for dinner, folding laundry, unload the dishwasher. It’s allowed evening and weekend time to be more open for “non-chore” activities. Oh, and no commute!!!”



“My work from home advice, says Josie, is to give yourself breaks like you normally would at the office. It’s still okay to take 10 minutes away from your computer to get a snack or stretch your legs.

The hardest part of working from home for me is that I have four roommates and all of us are working from home right now – so things can get a bit crowded. None of us can work in the same room because we’ll distract each other. So, we all have to find our own space.

The best part is that it’s a lot of fun to have lunch and chat with my roommates every day! We tend to eat at the same time so we can all take a break and hang out together. And, I can usually steal a couple bites of their lunch too!”



“My work from home advice, says Susan, is to create a list every morning of “must do’s” and “nice to do’s” and be realistic about what you can tackle, based on the day ahead of you. When something else comes up, add it to your list and decide which one it is right away. If it’s a “must do” – it will need to replace something else on your list.

The hardest part of working from home for me has been having five people under one roof who are working and attending school all during the same hours of the day. That’s a new challenge for all of us!

The best part is that family dinners happen almost every night now and we’re spending more time together rather than rushing like mad from one thing to the next.”