Client Success Story: Beloved New Receptionist in 7 Days Flat for This Small Business

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Small business, not-so-small problem.

One of our newest clients is a small, family-owned business in the home renovation industry. As a small business, they don’t have a need for a large HR department or a team of recruiters. They were struggling to find a qualified receptionist who was a fit for both the position and their team. As the first point of contact for their customers, having this position sit empty was not an option.

Sure they can answer the phones, but are they red carpet savvy?

Customers call this organization for a number of different reasons, including when they have concerns or need assistance with a renovation project. Their receptionist needs to be empathetic, reassuring and always professional. This company also works on personal projects with high-profile clients (including some of Minnesota’s professional athletes) so an experienced and polished receptionist with the ability to maintain confidentiality and discretion was a must.

You had me at hello.

Our client was not having luck finding the right balance of compassion, polish, and experience, so they reached out to Advent. The staffing request was made on a Friday and by the end of the day, our team sent the resumes of two qualified candidates for consideration. The organization scheduled an interview with one of the candidates right away. This candidate hit it off with the owner of the company immediately and was a great fit for the family-owned business. They moved quickly to make the offer and asked the candidate to start right away.

And that’s what we call a one and done, people.

The candidate started the following week and continues to receive glowing reviews from the client. Our candidate immediately hit the ground running and had the “get-it” factor that can be so hard to find. The owner of the company gushed “We are so happy to have them here!”

Advent filled this hiring challenge in three business days with a start just one week after the request was made. That’s what we call a “One and Done” at Advent!

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Not all hiring challenges are (or should be!) a “one and done” situation. However, for Advent – fast and quality hiring is not a fluke. We consistently cut hiring time by 50% or more for our clients and have continued to do so – even while hiring times are getting longer for most companies (an average of 36 days here in Minneapolis!). We make hiring top candidates affordable and timely. For more information about Advent’s pricing and services, complete our short form:

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