Client Spotlight: ACG is a Friendly, Collaborative Extension of Our Recruiting Team

One of our clients shares her experience with ACG as a friendly, collaborative extension of our recruiting team.

Tell me about your experience with Advent Creative?

Advent Creative is a company that we thoroughly enjoy working with. They gather our requirements for the particular role, ask questions, follow-up for clarity and then deliver.

What has made this partnership most successful? 

Advent Creative has an amazing team who genuinely care and want to help us and provide us with good candidates. In order to provide the right candidates, they follow up to ensure they have met our expectations.

What direct, tangible results have you experienced through your partnership with ACG?      

Advent has filled a number of our Account Support temp roles with quality candidates that we ended up flipping to our permanent employees!

What problems has ACG solved for your team?

Advent Creative has provided quality candidates in a very timely manner – they are the friendly, collaborative extension of our own recruiting team.

What differentiates Advent Creative from other services? 

As I said above, Advent Creative is like an extension of our own team – they take the time to select the “right” candidate for our company…they don’t just send us names.