Does Your Recruiting Program Need Help? Here are Four Ways to Tell

In a tight labor market, an effective and efficient recruitment program is critical. Although many companies understand the importance of best practices in recruiting, they fail to update their protocols quickly enough to match the changes in the hiring climate.

Does your recruitment process need tweaking? Here are a few ways to tell:

Job Vacancy Length

Each vacancy should include a reasonable “fill by” date as part of the recruitment plan. A week into your search, review how many qualified applicants have applied and interviewed to date, and determine if it’s still realistic to meet your hiring deadline. If not, create a temporary back-up plan should your vacancy go longer than expected.

Number of Qualified Applicants

If you have few qualified applicants applying to your jobs, you may not be using the most effective platforms and resources, or writing job postings to attract the best candidates. Job postings should be clear, effective, and tailored to appeal to your most desirable applicants. If your referral or networking programs collect more dust than potential candidates, it’s time to update these recruiting tools as well.

Offer Acceptance Rate

If you offer competitive salary and benefits but have a low acceptance rate, this could indicate an unsatisfactory candidate experience during the recruiting process, or an issue with your screening and evaluation practices.

Another common reason companies extend offers to the wrong candidates? Pressure to hire. Especially when there has been a consistent lack of qualified candidates for the role.

Turnover & Performance of New Hires

If you are experiencing high turnover or lackluster performance among your new staff, this could be a red flag about your recruitment program. It’s possible that your company, or the job opening, is being inaccurately portrayed during the hiring process. Or, there may be inconsistencies in your evaluation practices.

Ask: which core skills among our highest performers contribute to their overall success and job satisfaction? Then, use your observations to create a guideline of what to look for in new candidates.

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