8 Expert Tips for Using LinkedIn to Land a Job

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In today’s world, LinkedIn has become an integral part of networking, searching, and getting a job. Knowing how to expertly craft your profile and leverage your network will help you find jobs faster and make better connections!


Your Profile


Take a Picture: Your personal LinkedIn page is where you should start if you are looking to begin seriously using the social media site. Be sure you have a professional profile picture uploaded. This allows people looking at your profile to put a face to the name and your profile will be more likely to be clicked on!


Talk about Yourself: Utilize the summary section of your profile to inject some personality and highlight your top skills! Think of the summary section as a brief cover letter where you introduce yourself, mention your career goals, and what you currently or are looking to do. If you are looking for work, mention that here so recruiters will immediately know you are open to new opportunities.


Work History: Next, you want your entire work history to be on your profile. Be sure to include descriptions for what you did at each role; this should mirror your resume. Recruiters search on LinkedIn all the time and the more information you have on your profile the more often your name will come up in a search.


Up to Date: Finally, be sure to keep your profile up to date. If you earned a new certification or received a promotion at work, put it on your profile. You want to let recruiters know that you are actively on LinkedIn and tell them about your accomplishments; you never know what will catch the attention of a recruiter.


Your Network

Create your Network: Curating a broad network of connections on LinkedIn is the best way to learn about new companies and job opportunities. You want to connect with everyone you meet at networking events, school, and anyone from your previous roles. You never know when a connection from five years ago could lead to your next job!


Share your Thoughts: Sharing articles and communicating with those in your network is a great way to keep those connections strong. Everyone in your network will see what you post, so be sure to keep things strategic and professional. This is an excellent way to start a conversation with someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.


Join a Group: Joining groups is another great way to make connections outside your network. There are endless groups on LinkedIn and can help in your job search. Join groups that are relevant to your profession or the industry you would like to move into to show you are engaged in your field. You can also make new connections, get questions answered, and stay up to date with industry trends. But, be sure to be particular about which groups you join, more members does not always mean better content!


Make New Connections: Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out people you’ve never met on LinkedIn. If you are looking to work at a certain company and notice that you went to the same college as someone in the HR department, use that connection as an excuse to introduce yourself. They might not be able to get you a job, but can mention your name so the hiring manager knows who you are.


With these expert tips you’ll be using LinkedIn to find your next job in no time!


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