[Video] Advent Talent Group is Fully Independent!


It has been our vision at Advent Talent Group for four years to be fully and completely independent; meaning to provide the payroll and benefits for our talent and to work directly with our clients (vs. an outsourcing solution). WE DID IT! There have been failures along the way, and obstacles to overcome, and we have persevered!  This is a big accomplishment for our company, yet our actual INDEPENDENCE DAY started out to be less than thrilling. There were some last-minute hurdles, stressors and “reality-checks” that did not feel overly victorious …

UNTIL THIS HAPPENED!  Our entire team surprised me with this EMOTIONAL VIDEO that restored my faith and reminded me of my purpose to create a place where our team can thrive, and we can make amazing connections for our clients and talent.

#VICTORYLAP!  What an amazing team at Advent!