This is how successful people organize their job search

The task of looking for a job is a daunting one. There are countless different online job boards and sending your resume out often feels like sending it into a blackhole. But fear not! I was in your position just a few months ago and I am here to share my top tips on how to organize your job search.

Step one: Decide what types of roles you want to apply for

The beginning of a job search is difficult because you might not even know the types of roles you want. You may have a vague idea in your head of a cool company with an open office. But when looking for a job, you need to get specific. Think about roles you have had in the past and what you liked and what you didn’t. For example, if you enjoy assisting others and completing tasks, think about applying to administrative roles. It’s important to think about what you enjoy doing and pair that with jobs that are centered around that.

Step two: research what companies are hiring for the roles you’re interested in.

There’s a plethora of companies out there that are hiring that you’ve never even heard of before. This is one of the difficult things about looking for a job because you know there are jobs, you just don’t know where. Do some research about some of the top companies in your area. Or, Google companies near you and see if similar ones pop up. This is a great way to educate yourself about the types of companies that are hiring near you.

Step three: Set goals

It’s very easy to get burnt out while applying for jobs. It’s a lot of work to write a cover letter and fill out a lengthy application, only to never hear back. In order to avoid this, set goals for how many applications you want to send in per day or week. This will keep you on track and focused on job hunting; and it will also allow you to have small victories when you reach or exceed your goal!

Step four: Stay organized

It can be easy to get lost in what jobs you’ve applied to or which version of your resume goes with which application. There is nothing more embarrassing than sending in a cover letter with the wrong company name at the top. (Trust me—I’ve been there.) Clearly label different versions of your cover letter and resume so you never get confused! Additionally, keep a list of the jobs you have applied to. Then you’ll know what job someone is talking about when you finally get that call!

Step five: Be patient

The job hunt is a waiting game. Don’t jump at the first opportunity a recruiter calls you about! (Though when you are ready to interview, make sure to look up interviewing advice too!) You’ve worked hard and sent out countless applications, so wait until you have all your options in front of you before you decide!

An organized job search is an accomplished one! If you have a plan of action from the very beginning, you’ll be much more successful in not only getting a job but getting the right job.

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