Advent Talent Group Offers Direct Hire Services as Part of Comprehensive Hiring Solutions

Did you know that Advent Talent Group offers direct hire placement service? Our direct hire service is critical to delivering a complete package of hiring solutions for our clients. Advent specializes in supplying high-demand employees for direct placement in the areas of Accounting, Administration, Creative, Human Resources, Marketing and Communications, and Operations. 

Why Choose Advent for Direct Hire Services?

  1. Reduced time to hire: It takes most companies more than 30 days to hire a candidate right now, but more than 88% of Advent customers start interviewing our qualified candidates within one week. Reducing time to hire means higher productivity, lower overhead, and less workplace stress.
  2. Candidates with highly-specialized skills: Because of our niche focus, we have a deep network of candidates with highly-specialized skills at our fingertips. In addition to a talented team of experienced recruiters and robust recruitment tools, we also have strong roots in our community. Our team attends and hosts a variety of local niche events, regularly volunteers, and is active with key associations and organizations.
  3. Stringent screening and evaluation: The evaluation period is key to capturing an accurate picture of a candidate’s capabilities, professionalism, culture fit, technical and interpersonal skills. In addition to basic screening, we tailor a comprehensive profile evaluation for each Advent candidate, including a mix of assessments and at least three positive references.

Advent is not a one-size-fits all shop. We’ve found that by being selective about the direct searches we take on, we can ensure the highest possible service standards and successful outcomes for everyone involved. Before fulfilling every direct hire request, we thoroughly review the opportunity – including career pathways, current market demand and climate, company and team culture, and more.

For more information or to request direct placement services for your organization, please call (952) 920-9119 or complete this short form:

Request for Staffing Services

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