Working for Advent Group: An Insider’s Perspective

At Advent Group, we understand the power of perspective. It’s true to say that we’re a team of recruiters, administrative assistants, managers, salespeople, marketers, and account reps. But, we’re also entrepreneurs, violinists, chefs, travelers, entertainers, and writers.

Working for a recruiting agency means connecting people with jobs. But, it also means a tearful thank you from a single parent on payday, and knowing the joy that the words “congratulations on your new job” can bring. It’s the satisfaction of moving a college grad from “dead-end job” to “sky’s the limit”. It means helping a retiree find renewed purpose, and a family put twins through college. It’s a marketing director reigniting her creativity, and an entrepreneur funding his passion.

The common purpose that we share at Advent Group is to help people improve their lives. Our dedication to that purpose defines and unifies our company, fostering a culture centered on teamwork and giving back. We are inspired every day by the people we serve and humbled by our role in their life stories. Some people may see only recruiters and candidates, but we have a very different perspective. Here at Advent, as we watch these stories unfold, we are shepherding opportunity – helping others to breathe easier, reach farther, and live better.

This year, Advent Group was named as a 2018 Best Place to Work by the Minneapolis & St. Paul Business Journal. For more information about this award or what it’s like working for Advent Group, please the click here.

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