Team Building 2018: Constructing Our Foundation & Extreme Sandbox Fun

Today the Advent Group team gathered for our annual team building event. This year, the day was centered around “Constructing Our Foundation” and we spent the morning developing our tools, constructing new strategies, and building on our strengths as a team.

Then we headed to the Extreme Sandbox in Hastings where we learned to operate 26-ton bulldozers and excavators. After a brief training video, the exceptionally fun (and patient!) crew at Extreme Sandbox assisted and supervised our “play time”, which included driving over dirt hills, digging massive holes, picking up cars, and pushing vans.

At Advent, people initiatives that foster a fun and open environment are a big part of our unique culture. Other team-building events have included everything from boxing and cooking to trapeze school and curling. We are a team who loves a good challenge, and we’ve seen firsthand that amazing things can happen when you step out of your comfort zone from time to time.

In addition to our team building events, other Advent perks include superhero alter-egos, dogs in the office, weekly happy hours, flexible work opportunities, an unlimited vacation program, creative career paths, comprehensive training, and regular recognition/awards.

Think you might be a fit for our team? Contact Advent owner, Mary Younggren, for more information about our current internal openings.

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