Three Quick Tips for Nailing the Phone Interview

A phone interview is an important first connection with a potential employer, and a great call is one of the best ways to guarantee you’ll move forward in the hiring process (toward that exciting new job offer).

Here are three quick tips for nailing the phone interview:

1. Have your resume, cover letter, and a few notes handy during the call for easy access to important dates and key evidence that you are a great fit for the role. Use these aids like a cheat sheet for your interview. Don’t read your answers aloud word for word – this will sound rehearsed and impersonal. Your information should be available at a quick glance if you get stuck, or lose focus.

2. Plan to use a landline if at all possible. Cell phone coverage can be spotty even when you are stationary, and audio delays between responses can create uncomfortable silences, accidental interruptions, and overlapping speech.

3. Keep your background environment quiet and stay upbeat and positive throughout the duration of your call. Some people say smiling during a call helps, others like to remain standing for their call. Do whatever works best for you, knowing that nailing this part of the hiring process is a must to move forward. So, bring your A game and stay engaged, professional and positive throughout the call.

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