Client Spotlight: Advent Talent’s Lightning Fast Results

Hear from one of our clients, a non-profit manager, as she describes her positive experience partnering with Advent Talent Group to provide her company’s with staffing solutions.

Q: Tell me about your experience with Advent Talent?

A: I started working with Advent when we needed a data entry person and we needed them FAST. The people I spoke with were efficient and thorough. They found a perfect person and were so personable and lovely, I decided right then and there to stay with Advent whenever I needed extra personnel.

Q: What has made this partnership most successful?

A: These are normal, wonderful people. In my experience, they have a shared sense of humor, fabulous honesty, brilliant communication and a great work ethic.

Q: What direct, tangible results have you experienced through your partnership with ATG?

A: Incredible temporary personnel and fast friendships with the Advent staff.

Q: What problems has ATG solved for your team?

A: My organization went through a series of serious turnovers in one department. We needed help quickly as we were entering a very busy period. Not only did they get us help fast, it was easy because they knew exactly who was right for the roles and when they were being released from their previous commitments right off the top of their heads.

Q: What differentiates Advent Talent from other services?

A: I have never worked with a temp agency before, but I think their commitment (and expectations of others) to excellence is very impressive. They work hard at what they do and it shows!

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