Client Spotlight: Advent Creative Puts Quality Over Quantity

Advent Client Picture

Our latest client spotlight is out! Read our Q&A below with this HR Manager and happy ACG client, as she explains how Advent consistently puts quality over quantity […]

Q. What has made this partnership most successful? 

A. Katy provided us with quality candidates, who’s skillset and experience had been thoroughly vetted & compared to our need. Quality over quantity through and through. 

Q. What direct, tangible results have you experienced through your partnership with ACG?  

A. We filled a tough, senior-level role in just about 3 weeks; after having the job posted for several months.

Q. What problems has ACG solved for your team? 

A. Working with ACG took out a lot of the headache recruitment can bring: vetting candidates! 

Q. What differentiates Advent Creative from other services? 

A. Katy provided clear and persistent communication; working to ensure we kept moving. She also provided great candidates which, unlike other agencies, felt intentional vs. simply throwing something at the wall and seeing what sticks.