Wish Your Marketing Director Could Elevate Engagement & Drive Better Outcomes? We Know Someone.

This Director of Marketing has a passion for designing innovative marketing campaigns that elevate customer engagement. For B2B and B2C industries, the heart of her creative energy is found at the intersection of marketing, strategy and emergent technologies – where she consistently drives better business outcomes and experiences.

This Director of Marketing manages direct reports through a wide variety of marketing team models: segment-focused, product-focused and channel-focused.

Key highlights include:

  • Years of experience in agile development and digital marketing.
  • Led and developed consumer/commercial marketing to drive customer engagement and conversion both in-store and online channels. Managed sales of $35M by increasing comp sales by 8% and gross margins by 3% pts.
  • Developed a new e-commerce website and implemented process improvements which drove on-line revenue to $750,000 and increased traffic by 80%.
  • Drove sales and acquired new customers in the retail channel and direct channels through retail promotion, online campaigns and tradeshows, feature expansion and new product launch bundle promotions, resulting in $6M YOY.
  • Led the development of creative, effective promotional media campaigns to increase in-store service and personal care product sales. This resulted in annual increase of 8% YOY and new customer base by 15%.
  • Grew $500M division by 8% which led the growth of all divisions. Delivered a successful campaign with more contextual messaging by deep market analysis, hyper-segmentation, and buying journey mapping.
  • Developed and launched the mobile channel strategy and program for the native and mobile app, which resulted in 58M page views, over 570k iPhone app downloads and over $1.5M in sales the first year.

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