Technical Copywriter with Extensive Experience in Highly Regulated Industries

This Copywriter has extensive technical writing experience with pharmaceutical, medical device, financial, and construction companies. This candidate writes original content and polishes technical documentation for user manuals, brochures, marketing collateral, workbooks, and training materials for highly regulated industries.
This versatile writer uses Madcap Flare, Microsoft Word, and FrameMaker for documentation and RoboHelp to create online documentation, single-source help systems, and to generate modules into MS Word and FrameMaker for printable documentation. This candidate easily moves from project to project and is very approachable.
Results: Converted a library of manuals from Microsoft Word into Madcap Flare, incorporating new styles and changing established passive voice into active voice.
Key Competencies: Author It, Frame maker, Windchill, Madcap Flare, Framemaker, Visio, Sharepoint, Microsoft Office, and Snippit.
Soft Skills: Time management, strong communication skills, ability to juggle multiple projects at once, go-getter, strong work ethic, and excellent collaboration skills.


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