Omni-Channel Marketer & Product Team Manager Creates Measurable Outcomes out of Aspirations.  

This Omni-Channel Marketer and Product Team Manager utilizes interpersonal, analytical, and creative skills to connect aspirations to measurable outcomes. They have experience aligning physical products across companies to identify redundancy and opportunities for growth. This candidate has worked in B2B and B2C and handled both product launches and large scale marketing campaigns.
This candidate is excellent at leading teams, utilizing technology to its fullest potential, and executing plans. They are sharp, methodical, and excellent with building partnerships. Their project and group leadership is marked by creative anticipation, imagination, individualization, and persistence.


-Leveraged consumer insights to grow branded surge & accessory programs (200+ products)
-Led joint venture between retailer & give program with over 100 SKUs that surpassed $20M
-Expanded staff from twenty (20) to forty (40) while improving employee engagement and retention by 25%
Key Competencies: Digital and traditional marketing, project management, cross-functional team management, content strategic planning, and digital marketing tactics.
Soft Skills: Strong leader, strategic thinking, relationship building, flexibility and problem solving, excellent communication skills, excellent rapport with clients.

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