Graphic Designer Manages High Volumes While Maintaining Brand Integrity

This Graphic Designer has a very well-rounded skill set including Adobe CC, XD, UX, SEO, Email, Social, Print, Digital, Web design, and HTML coding. They manage high-volume workloads while upholding brand integrity. This candidate has worked in corporate and agency settings, with expertise in the retail industry. This candidate is a true team player and collaborator.
In their previous role, this candidate designed digital and print collateral for B2C audiences. They implemented a new email system that tripled results and designed on-brand templates, automated production elements, personalized for target audiences, conducted A/B testing, and reviewed analytics to inform adjustments to design and SEO.
Results: Designed and completed 1,100 web banners from concept, design, and production in just one month.
Key Competencies: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, email design, social media design, logo design, UI design, A/B testing, SEO, email marketing, project management, Adobe Suite, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Office.
Soft Skills: Strong leader, excellent written and verbal communication skills, strong work ethic, unafraid to tackle new ideas and projects, can easily juggle multiple projects at once.


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