Collaborative and Team-Oriented Product Manager with Mad Data Skills

This intrinsically-motivated Product Manager is a self-starter who is sincerely passionate about building products people love. They have experience with both product management and ownership, collecting and analyzing product data, user and market analysis, and go-to-market strategy. This Product Management expert stays in touch with the end-user and has an exceptional ability to interpret data to deeply understand buyer intent, behaviors, drivers and needs.
This candidate is a data expert with a background in software engineering who has deep experience with a variety of tools and technology. This featured talent uses data to drive decisions and is skilled in interpreting data through different lenses. They have a unique ability to maximize potential by considering data points that others often overlook.
This candidate has excellent leadership skills and intentionally fosters a collaborative culture of trust, fun, and hard work. They want their teammates and stakeholders to have a clear vision of priorities, goals, and strategies. They are skilled in getting teams on board from various departments by detailing how to execute on shared vision and plans.
Results: Identified operational processes that were contributing to
over $100k of annual waste. Initiated a team restructure and
process to eliminate sources of inefficiencies. Built B2B, and SaaS products from inception to launch that resulted in multiple revenue streams, scalable infrastructure, and delighted customers.
Key Competencies: Market research, data analysis and visualization, go-to-market planning, product strategy, experience design, Agile, Scrum, Adobe Creative Suite, and Atlassian.
Soft Skills: Excellent leadership skills, team building, strong communication skills, ability to handle multiple projects at once, highly motivated, and strong organizational skills.