Tricky Accounting Opening Results in Treat of Candidate for This Non-Profit 🎃

The Case of the Vanishing Accounting Assistant

One of our long-term nonprofit clients reached out the other week because (zoinks!) their part-time accounting assistant had vanished and they were in trouble. This employee left so unexpectedly that they needed a replacement ASAP. Advent has partnered with this large, reputable non-profit for several years, placing candidates in both contract and contract to hire roles for their organization. They didn’t have time to do the outreach required to find someone on their own and knew Advent had a deep pool of talented candidates. So, the gang at Advent dug-in to solve the problem.

So, It’s a Little Bit Tricky

This staffing request came in on a Wednesday afternoon with the client hoping for a new employee by the end of the week, giving Advent just over 48 hours to find the right candidate. Our client needed someone who was looking for part-time hours and could work one-on-one with the CFO, which made the role a bit trickier to fill. They needed someone with poise and experience; someone who was a treat to work with. We immediately begain contacting our pool of accounting talent and had several responses within the hour.

We Are So Fast It’s Scary

By the next day, we sent three potential candidate profiles over to the client to review. They selected their top choice, did one phone interview and immediately wanted to bring the person onboard. This candidate had non-profit experience, significant accounting experience and – bonus – lived just a few minutes from the office! It was a fantastic match on both sides. In under 24 hours, Advent had sourced, interviewed, submitted, and placed the ideal candidate for this role.

We’re Talking Full-Sized Candy Bar Kind of Treat Here

Some people in this world will give you a box of raisins and call that a treat – but not Advent. When it comes to treat-giving, we’re more like the house that hands out full-sized candy bars. After two weeks, our candidate has quickly become a valued member of the team. In fact, the CEO said this candidate:

“Caught on quickly, helped us in areas we hadn’t even realized were problematic, and brought more skills to the table than we had hoped for. They have been a treat to have around.”


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Not all hiring challenges can (or should be!) filled in such a short amount of time. However, for Advent – fast and quality hiring is not a fluke. We consistently cut hiring time by 50% or more for our clients and have continued to do so – even while hiring times are getting longer for most companies (an average of 36 days here in Minneapolis!). We make hiring top candidates affordable and timely. For more information about Advent’s pricing and services, complete our short form:

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