Even though I’m new in my role, I’ve heard from our Director what a great history Advent has with us

HR Generalist
Thank you so much – none of this would have happened without you – I’m truly grateful for this contract and working with you ladies at Advent – it’s been nothing but a wonderful experience!
Petra T.

Thanks for your terrific partnership in 2020 and moving into 2021. I’m so grateful for the marvelous talent you’ve brought our way. Here’s to health and prosperity in the New Year!

Director of Creative & Brand 

“Team Supreme”

HR Generalist

“Wow! What a tough decision this will be… wow-wow-just wow! Blown away by both. I am already just sick at the thought of the next tough decision as the candidates look equally talented and awesome.”

Director of Marketing

“I am quite impressed with your hard work and the quality of these three individuals. In addition, you made it very efficient for me in providing a consistent format in your notes about each candidate and including the resume in the calendar invite. Not all Recruiters have that knack. Thus far, it has been a pleasure partnering with you on this need. I appreciate you!”

HR Generalist

“Katy has been an amazing partner, giver and supporter throughout this process. I’ve worked with roughly 15 recruiters over the past few months and Katy brings a brighter light for the greater good of all to talent recruitment. She creates a Win-Win-Win with her ability to go deep and understand your clients’ needs, the position and translating this to the interviewee skills and knowledge, and then guiding and preparing for the interviewee… Katy goes beyond connecting the need and experience for both parties. With her empathy and passion for her role she delivers a great experience for all and “SHINES ABOVE ALL”.”

Michelle A.

“We asked for candidates from two different recruiters and ended up picking both interviewees from your list. Thank for suggesting such talented people; you nailed exactly what we were seeking.”

Director of Marketing

“I am over the moon upon reading her references! So thrilled to be making her an offer.”

Director of Marketing

“Four positions filled in 24 hours! Thanks for your partnership. You make us look good!”

HR Senior Manager