“I would wholeheartedly recommend Jackie for Employee of the Month. Jackie has demonstrated excellent reliability in her assignment with us so far. Not only is she someone we can count on to support us, but she comes with a positive attitude and is willing to take on anything the team needs support on.

Jackie is a heads-down type of employee that gets here and puts in great effort to keep everything on track. She has also supported challenging situations and ensures we are remaining fully compliant and that the employees experience great service!”

Hiring Manager

I love the level of service and support we receive from Advent, which is why we work exclusively with Advent for our division. Very happy with our partnership! I would rate Advent as follows:

  • Response time: 5
  • Quality of match to open positions: 5
  • If there have been any issues were they addressed promptly: 5 (would give higher if I could!)
HR Manager

As a follow-up email, I just wanted to express our appreciation for the work you have done to provide us with temps. They have both been doing great, and we appreciate the success they have had in the role!


Thanks for your partnership. You make us look good! 😊

Senior Manager of Human Resources

“As a Senior HR professional, I have been amazed at the Advent Group’s ability to create their ADVENTure series with timely topics that the HR field is dealing with on a regular basis. It seems like I am reading about key topics and soon after that the Advent Group has already arranged a program. In other words, the Advent Group is hitting the target for helping HR professionals and other leaders on relevant topics in today’s work environment. The events are well-planned and include convenient morning sessions at great locations, with leading subject experts.

Thank you to the Advent Group for anticipating these key topics and then implementing a program that offers relevant information and solutions.”

Senior HR Professional

Advent Talent Group is a great agency to use for quality candidates! The team is extremely easy to work with and are always available and respond promptly, which is something I appreciate as a customer! Candidates can quickly become uninterested if the hiring process takes too long, which is never a problem when working with Advent. As a client, I know they are not the only company they work with but they never make it feel that way! Extremely satisfied with their business!

HR Assistant

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Advent Talent to fill our open positions. They have quickly found great candidates for our tough to fill positions, sometimes within a day or two to meet our needs. Kim and Callie took the time and effort to really understand our business and what we were looking for. They are hands down the best talent firm I have worked with for our admin/office roles. I know that the people they present to us are high quality and will fit our culture and the position. They definitely find quality over quantity, which is invaluable!

HR Generalist

They got here at noon and worked non-stop until 8 PM. Wow! They were great. Really nice men and great workers. I am very impressed, would use them again and would recommend them to anyone. I laid out the scope of work and we worked together the entire time. I did not have to explain things 2-3 times. I was called away 2-3 times and told them to take a break, however when I came back, it was obvious that they did not take the break. They worked straight through.



The partnership with Advent Group has been great so far. They have supported our operations with great understanding of our processes and requirements. I will continue to reach out to Advent reps because I can rely on their skills to match candidates to the position which consequently saves time and training costs for our company. Thank you Advent Group!


Manager, Mortgage & Banking

Your team has been great to work with. So far, so good with Advent’s candidate. He fits in with our culture, which is very important to us. The two candidates you presented us with were much better than any of the half dozen or so we interviewed based on our own recruiting efforts.


Business Development Manager