I LOVE my new position! I was going through a difficult time when I found you, and I am very thankful for this job. I will be referring people to you in the future!

Jamie B.

I was both surprised, and overly delighted to see you guys today! Kali is awesome, and it was literally life-changing working with her in this new position. Hands down Kali is the best recruiter I’ve ever had, and Advent Talent Group is the best temp agencyI’vee ever worked for. I will ABSOLUTELY be sending more potential employees your way.

Evonna G.

Thank you VERY much for the bonus – what an unexpected treat and Kali’s visit to our site was a delightful surprise. She is awesome! Also, thank you for the birthday card! My last day of work for Advent was on my birthday and I was so grateful to work a full day on my birthday – good feeling always to actively be “bringing home the bacon.” Please pass along my thanks and appreciation to everyone at Advent. I am so thankful to the woman at my local library who told me about you!

Nancy E.

Probably the easiest process I’ve ever experienced. Got placed really fast and Michelle and Callie did an excellent job handling everything.

Greg B.

Advent Talent has always been there for me when I’ve been in need of a position. I have been registered with many agencies and this one is by far the BEST!!!! They really care about their clients and go out of their way to help you, whereas many places do not!

Shannon V.

These guys are GREAT!! I spoke with several of the recruiters and all were pleasant and professional. They wasted no time in finding & submitting me for positions! Excellent staff!

Trina T.

Having partnered with Advent for many years, I can say that they are very attentive and engaged in working with both their talent and their businesses. They go out of their way to improve worker morale and celebrate successes with community events. Truly a great group of people.

George B.

Advent Talent Group is an amazing staffing agency. They listen closely during your initial phone conversation to learn all they can about who you are. Their goal is to truly find you your perfect job. They go beyond the usual questions about past work experience and delve into your personality and lifestyle, and even ask what path you see for your career, what job would make you truly content?

This continues after you start your assignment. They check in and support you with a consistent and genuine upbeat and professional demeanor. They are rooting for you because they know if you are happy you will do a good job. Lastly, don’t be surprised if they visit you at the workplace to just to say hi! Their actions show how much they value their temporary employees and that they see you for all you are and can be. Ask for Michelle or Kali, though I am certain everyone there is exemplary.

Nancy E.

Awesome service to help you become gainfully employed! Every assignment has been a new opportunity. I cannot wait for my next assignment. Sue and Michelle are always a pleasure to speak with and they treat you more like family than just a name. Anyone looking for employment should give this service a shot

Jessica R.

I had such an amazing experience working with Callie and Michelle! Within two weeks, they were able to find me a direct hire position that was a perfect fit! They listened to what I was looking for in an employer, and were persistent with setting me up on interviews until we found the one. Thankfully I can now say I am employed. I would absolutely recommend Advent Talent Group, and particularly those two lovely ladies, to anyone looking for a new career!

Julie R.