What’s Better Than a Utility Player on the Field? An Art Director/Copywriter/CD in an Agency!

Candidate Reference: 7101
This Advent Creative Group master of all trades is highly skilled in Copywriting, Art Direction, and Creative Development for Retail, Fashion, and CPG. This candidate is a multi-award-winning thought leader who artfully crafts brand stories, sells ideas, and drives business goals. He is able to jump into any project with ease to deliver successful results whether tactical or strategic.

Highlights Include:

  • Awards include New York Art Directors Club, Communication Arts Design Annual, Chicago museum Exhibit of Good Design, and many more!
  • Led a cross-functional team of 40+ and earned the highest client satisfaction scores possible within the OMNICOM network
  • Developed an ultimate brand makeover by identifying key drivers, and proposing new partnerships that resulted in a sale of over $850 million

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