This “Scrappy and Strategic” HR Leader Solves Complex Problems

This HR leader is described as “scrappy with strategic insight” and we couldn’t agree more. This candidate has large and small company experience across a variety of industries, including healthcare and non-profit. If you are looking for an HR leader that gets results, this is your new go-to person for solving complex problems and making tough decisions.

Want to know more? This candidate:

  • Implemented staffing strategies resulting in decreased time to fill 20% annually. Maintained direct labor headcount above 90% of forecast and reduced flexible staff turnover by 67%.
  • Developed and launched associate handbook and human resources policies, ensuring consistent company best practices.
  • Established open communication between company leaders and departments, resulting in improvements in on-time delivery from 25% to 75% for major customers.
  • MPA (Master’s in Public Affairs) from the University of Minnesota

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