This Project Manager’s Research Skills Would Put a P.I. to Shame

This project manager has the kind of research skills that would put a P.I. to shame. This candidate honed these skills over ten years of research experience in an academic and work environment. This talented PM is passionate about community involvement and outreach with extensive experience managing budgets and schedules for non-profits.

Want to know more? Highlights include:

  • Experience partnering with stakeholders including finder, community-based organizations, public agencies, and health systems to develop and implement research projects.
  • Proficient in research design and analysis, including developing multi-method evaluation plans and data collections tools.
  • Consultant and trained facilitator in Ripple Effects Mapping, a method of evaluating complex community-based initiatives.
  • Skilled writer with experience reporting research findings for a variety of audiences and facilitating discussions with stakeholders – leveraging data to inform action
  • Experience developing research proposals for local, state and federal projects.

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