This Non-Profit Communications Specialist Forges Deep Community Connections

This Communications Specialist is passionate about non-profit work and forming connections with both clients and customers. They have excellent relationship building skills and are comfortable taking on a variety of tasks. This candidate has experience doing everything from cold calling prospective clients to organizing fundraising events.
In their most recent role at local arts nonprofit, they acted as the go-to person for developing relationships with schools and vendors, scheduling events, and handling all communication. They are highly organized and can track a variety of projects and tasks with ease. This featured talent keeps so many plates spinning at once, they could join the circus!
Results: In their previous role, they volunteered on a task force where they started a 1% initiative to donate their time and profit to help local organizations, which included communicating with organizations, planning out budgets, and scheduling volunteer events.
Key Competencies: Relationship building, event planning, project management, Microsoft Office, Google Applications, cold calling, and public speaking.
Soft Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication, critical thinking and problem solving, attention to detail, customer service mindset.

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