This Fast and Accurate Data Entry Specialist Finishes Projects Ahead of Schedule

This Data Entry Specialist manages data entry for a variety of projects, including expense reporting, audits, and insurance cases. In their previous role, they entered invoice data to ensure efficient money flow and managed quality assurance checks to ensure data was entered correctly. They easily adapt to new computer systems and programs.

They are extremely detail-oriented and never miss an error. In previous roles, they managed financials and insurance claims, so accuracy was key. This candidate finishes projects ahead of schedule and loves tackling new challenges. This Data Entry Specialist will go above and beyond for you and your team.

Results: Can reach over 10,000 keystrokes per hour with 99% accuracy. On assignment with Advent for 3 months before they were hired on permanently.

Key Competencies: Expert Excel knowledge, alphanumeric, and 10 key data entry, CRM systems, invoicing, auditing, and quality assurance.

Soft Skills: Detail-oriented, highly organized, motivated, can work independently and as part of a team, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and goal-oriented.


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