Content Development Associate Uses Video and SEO to Build Brand Loyalty and Engagement Across Social Channels

With a Bachelor’s in Business Branding and Communication and one year of experience as a content creator, this candidate builds brand loyalty, social media presence, and increases customer engagement. In addition, this candidate leverages their social media skills cross-functionally to support sales, retail, and public relations. Creative and data-driven, this candidate uses social media best practices and trends analysis to boost revenue.


  • Built meaningful client relationships by creating engaging social media programs
  • Worked with schools and neighborhoods on fundraisers and events, leading to four consecutive years of winning a “Neighborhood Favorite” award
  • Built a following as an independent content creator, conducting keyword and trend research on a variety of platforms and creating video content
  • Increased store revenue by boosting sales and through audience and media analysis to ensure floor sets were in line with social media trends

Key Competencies

  • Social media and management across platforms
  • Audience analysis and understanding
  • Client relations management
  • Maintaining knowledge of trends
  • Office administration

Technical Skills

  • Imovie and Final Cut Pro
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest platforms

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