Senior Growth Marketing Manager Turns Local Businesses into Multimillion-Dollar Companies

With a track record of outstanding results, this Senior Growth Marketing Manager is capable of building and directing programs from the ground up, working with cross-functional teams to drive innovation in sales, product, and downstream marketing. Their experience in both B2B and B2C industries and project management expertise make them dynamic candidate sure to bring exponential growth!


  • Jumpstarted marketing strategy for a mid-size SaaS company, generating over 70 B2B sales leads and over 250 B2C leads in in under two months through the establishment of acquisition channels using social media and content strategies.
  • Increased product sold from 300 to 15,000 per month for a wholesale retailer, achieving $1 billion in gross merchandise value and acquiring over 15% of the total available market.
  • Grew company value from 10 million to 425 million in four years, leading multi-channel growth marketing strategy and execution.

Key Competencies

  • Growth marketing management and leadership
  • Marketing strategy and analytics
  • Project management (Scrum Master)
  • Omni-channel campaign strategy, including paid media, event, content, email, direct mail and social media marketing

Technical Skills

  • Advertising: Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn ads, geofencing
  • Analytics: Excel, Tableau, Mixpanel and Domo
  • Coding: Java, C++ and HTML

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