Sales Administrative Assistant Manages RFPs Process and Increases Customer Satisfaction Scores

This Sales Administrative Assistant has experience supporting up to 1,500 clients and has 10 years of experience coordinating services for both the private and public sectors. They have strong analytical, problem-solving, and planning skills and can guide both external vendors and in-house operations teams.
In their previous role as a Service Coordinator, they supported 27+ vendors, including the bid process, issuing RFP’s, and creating contractual agreements for both parties. They quickly learn new products and build lasting relationships with clients. Additionally, they have excellent leadership, communication, and team-building skills.
Results: Increased customer satisfaction rating from 76% to 98% within six months of arriving at the company.
Key Competencies: Employee communication, account maintenance, contract/vendor negotiations, training & development, accounts payable and receivable, inventory management, payroll processing, journal entries, and invoice coding.
Soft Skills: Highly flexible, willing to take on any new project, excellent communication skills, able to work independently and collaborate, and relationship builder.


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