Recruiter and Technical Support Specialist Brings Top-Tier Management Skills

A support-oriented candidate, this Technical Support Specialist and Recruiter has deep experience in customer-facing and management roles, including coordinating large teams and managing contract recruiting via multiple channels. With excellent communication skills and a proven ability to effectively diagnose and manage issues as a go-to point person, they are sure to be an excellent addition to any support team!


  • Managed relationships with nearly 200 field technicians as a main point of contact, assisting with troubleshooting and escalating issues to other departments through multiple channels.
  • Managing customer relations, preparing contracts, managing project information and ensuring compliance with relevant budgets.
  • Sourcing and recruiting technicians for field projects using various recruiting tools, and managing onboarding.

Key Competencies

  • Technical support
  • Recruiting
  • Team management and administration

Soft Skills

  • Customer Service
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management

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