Promotions Director Elevating Brands and Pioneering Creativity

This Promotions Director is a visionary professional with an unparalleled track record in shaping brand narratives and driving sales growth. Based in Minneapolis, MN, this director created an immediate impact on house brand accounts, showcasing expertise in promotions, brand advocacy, and event management.

Let us connect you with this candidate to infuse creativity and brilliance into your promotions and events!

Key Competencies

  • Introduced pioneering promotional concepts and fresh ideas into campaigns, contributing to increased revenue streams and heightened brand visibility.
  • Successfully organized, promoted, and executed the “Christmas Wish” program, annually raising over $38,000 for local families in need, showcasing a commitment to community impact.
  • Provided administrative and budgetary support for programs exceeding $6 million, ensuring efficient financial management and program success.


  • Data Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Fundraising

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