Grants Administrator and Project Manager Handles Multi-Million Dollar Portfolios Without Batting an Eye

Looking for a candidate who has experience working with multi-million dollar portfolios in partnership with Fortune 500 companies? This Grants Administrator and Project Manager is an expert, with experience building efficient teams and leading the charge to create strategic plans for complex problems. In possession of excellent communication and relationship-building skills, they are sure to boost the development and implementation of any business campaign!


  • Managed a multi-million dollar corporate portfolio, for a large nonprofit, leading to a 250% increase in charitable grants.
  • Built efficient teams, leading the development and implementation of strategies with global partners in-line with organizational goals.
  • Spearheaded the pandemic response, creating new corporate giving opportunities and resulting in nearly $4 million distributed.

Key Competencies

  • Corporate giving strategies and management
  • Portfolio management
  • COVID-19 response
  • Data analysis

Soft Skills

  • Team building and training
  • Communication
  • Workflows and efficiencies

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