Operations Director Maximizes Efficiency and Minimizes Cost

With experience directing operations over multiple locations, this Operations Director has a proven record of maximizing organizational efficiency though process improvement, software optimization, and training programs. Their leadership skills and penchant for accounting and data analysis make them a perfect fit to optimize your operations team!


  • Oversaw the programing of a new POS system to enhance sales and implemented a new accounting system for over 100 locations, ensuring regulatory compliance and training staff on system use.
  • Generated a 5% increase in sales and a 5% decrease in labor costs through strategic programming, system upgrades, training, action plans and daily operational management.
  • Collaborated with marketing, accounting and operations teams to meet sales goals and improve efficiency.

Key Competencies

  • Operations management
  • Process and system improvement
  • Budgeting and data analysis

Soft Skills

  • Team leadership and motivation
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Training and development

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