Operations and Logistics Manager Creates Seamless Experiences with Focus and Determination

This Operations and Logistics expert handles all shipping and customer service for a major retail furniture brand. They resolve shipping issues, coordinate deliveries, communicate between customers and shipping contractors, and troubleshoot with customers.

This candidate excels with providing both one-on-one customer support and facilitating large scale shipping and logistics projects. This logistics professional uses outstanding communication skills to ensure products are delivered on time and customers are fully apprised of shipment statuses.

This featured talent isn’t afraid to tackle difficult issues or think outside of the box to find solutions anticipating any obstacles and challenges. Their goal is to create a seamless experience for customers, internal team members, and shipping associates with focus and determination.

“Her vibrant personality makes her easy to work with and customers appreciate her positive energy. She tackles difficult issues with purpose and is able to think outside the box to find solutions. She is an engaging leader who makes decisions with integrity and diplomacy.”
– Prior Supervisor

Results: Overhauled Accounts Receivable, reducing monthly open receivables from 500 to 30. Went on to assist other stores in lowing their receivables.

Key Competencies: Team management, collaborating with staff members in stores and distribution centers, overseeing the shipment and distribution of thousands of orders a month, troubleshooting shipping issues across the country, and providing white-glove customer service.

Soft Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills, ability to multi-task, strong leader, and “go-to” person for problem-solving.

This candidate is available for both contract and direct hire opportunities. They are targeting customer-facing roles that leverage their passion for helping others.

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