Operations Analyst Decreases Spend and Recovers Funds Through Optimizing Processes

Looking to optimize your business? This Operations-Merchandising Analyst decreases spend and recovers funds with a sharp eye for data analytics and a talent for streamlining processes and balancing vendor accounts. A driven intrapreneur, this candidate has experience in multiple operations merchandising roles and an impressive array of results that they will bring to any team they join.


  • Recovered $100K in lost business via vendor chargebacks and freight clams
  • Initiated multiple systems changes and process improvements leading to a combined $177K in savings over 2 years
  • Streamlined communications between 6 organizations by creating an email template to eliminate forms and developing an online registration system for scheduling

Key Competencies

  • Business foresight, analytics and intrapreneurship
  • Supervising and management of merchandising operations, including inventory, purchasing, vendor and stakeholder communications and process analysis
  • Staff training and professional development

Soft Skills

  • Collaborating with multiple teams, including vendors and other organizations
  • Multitasking and adaptability

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