Operational Leader with Strong HR and Management Expertise

Are you searching for an operational leader with exceptional HR skills and management competencies? Look no further. This professional has a track record of amplifying employee engagement, enhancing operational efficiency, and driving business profitability. If you’re seeking a dynamic operational leader with strong HR and management skills, this candidate is well-equipped to drive success in your organization.


  • Oversaw store and pharmacy operations, achieving annual revenue of $3.8M for front-end sales.
  • Demonstrated outstanding management and leadership, resulting in promotion to Store Manager.
  • Designed and executed practical training for employees, increasing prescription fulfillment efficiency.
  • Led teams of 20+ individuals in daily operations, training, development, and patient care.

Key Competencies

  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Management Reporting
  • Payroll Management
  • Budget Management & Control
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