Marketing & Communications Manager: Always Gets Results! Increase Program Membership 85%, Engagement 100% and Attendance 240%

This Marketing & Communications Manager creates content that compels action, whether through fundraising or brand engagement. The majority of her experience centers on B2C communications – growing brand awareness, increasing membership, and selling products or services. She is targeting a role where she can contribute to an organization’s narrative in support of a community cause.

A few highlights include:

  • As head of communications for the Diversity Team of a large retailer, her strategies and execution increased program membership in each group by 70-85% in one week.
  • Collaborated with the Autism Society to create a program called FACE. Her business proposal gained the support of the Cargill and 3M diversity councils within the first year. 
  • Executed a large scope forum with 1,700 attendees – goal was 500 – that created a network for those affected by Autism and educated employers on employing candidates with Autism.
  • Increased internal rewards program engagement by 100% including 1,800 participants on the corporate campus alone using social media strategies.