Is Your Creative Director Also a Talent Architect? This Leader Expertly Builds and Scales Award Winning Teams

This candidate brings almost 20 years’ print and publishing experience and relishes the chance to step into a new design challenge. This candidate’s recent work includes leading a 250-page cookbook design for a nonprofit, as well as packaging, books, boxes, t-shirts, collateral, posters, large-scale signage, web assets, banners, and more.
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  • Pioneered brand modernization by re-purposing backlist content into fresh, market-friendly products. Rapidly created collaborative vision between departments and surpassed revenue targets.
  • In last role, developed a cutting-edge design team earning global recognition and industry awards. Designing more than 350 annual, internationally-distributed books for the K-12 market.
  • Known for the ability to find and cultivate partnerships with worldwide clients, both “diamonds-in the-rough” and those with established notoriety.