Human Resources Manager, Change Management & Employee Engagement

This candidate is a results-oriented, energetic, proven HR leader with experience in developing people, processes and productivity. Her core competencies include:

Business Acumen • Communication • Team Development • Collaboration • Cross-functional Leader • Employee Engagement
• Succession Planning • Organizational Design • Strategic Planning • Motivational Leader • Talent Management • Risk Control

This candidate has managed payroll, benefits, employee relations, and employee development.  She has excellent communication skills and a proven background.

Key qualifications include:

  • Experience in driving organizational changes and developing succession plans.
  • She has proven experience in increasing the employee engagement of the companies she has worked at through, revamping recognition programs, building ongoing relationships with employees at all levels and creatively designing events for getting all employees involved.
  • She has Implemented HR initiatives, quantifying results and monitor/measure effectiveness, performance reviews, and recognition.

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