Human Resources Director is a Dynamic Department of One

Dynamic and results-oriented, this HR Director brings expertise in recruiting, benefits administration, organizational development and employee relations. Their experience working as an HR department of one in high-growth and fast-paced industries makes them able to wear any hat and do what needs to be done!


  • Revamped a non-functioning HR department, researching and implementing new procedures and technologies and successfully leading the organization through an acquisition and merger.
  • Managed recruiting, staffing, benefits and compensation for over 1000 employees across 59 locations.
  • Worked closely with executives and employees to implement employee relations initiatives, including performance evaluations, conflict resolution and other programs, improving business functions and employee retention.

Key Competencies

  • Human resources policy development
  • Employee relations
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Technical Skills

  • Paylocity
  • ADP
  • Payroll Network

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