Human Resources Consultant Championing Inclusion, Shaping Cultures

Meet a transformative People, Human Resources, & Diversity Equity Consultant with an impressive 18-year journey in strategic partnership with C-Suite, Sr/Executive Leaders, large-scale change, and project management. This influential leader has navigated the entire employee life cycle, leaving an indelible mark on organizational culture. Renowned for strong interpersonal skills, a style of empathy, and a commitment to fostering an inclusive culture, this professional embodies a Growth Mindset as a lifelong learner.


  • Owned the entire employee life cycle, including staffing, team development, and performance management.
  • Designed and delivered Leadership Retreats with a dedicated DEI focus, addressing crucial topics.
  • Actively participated in the DIARC (Diversity Inclusion Antiracist Committee) at their Hospital, collaborating with the President to drive inclusivity.
  • Revitalized training programs, including new hire peer training, orientation, and tools/resources for existing staff

Key Competencies

  • Antiracist Facilitation & Curriculum Design
  • Employee Engagement & Retention
  • Project Management
  • HR Policies & Interpretation

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